NeuLion’s E-Commerce platform offers a variety of solutions including online store and auctions.

NeuLion E-Commerce Solution

The NeuLion E-commerce platform is a self-contained solution that can be used for online merchandise sales, order fulfillment, and inventory management.

This platform gives your fans from all over the world a chance to connect with your products and generate global revenue for your athletic department!

What We Provide

Online Training
Training will be scheduled and conducted for each vendor. Titan logins and passwords are created for vendors to login and follow along with the demonstration. A step-by-step user guide will also be provided to use for reference throughout the training.

Technical Support
During business hours you can contact your Account Manager or the E-commerce Manager for any technical assistance. Our fan support team will also be available to answer any questions or issues that you may have after normal business hours. They can be reached by email at

Marketing Support
NeuLion will provide an annual marketing campaign calendar to vendors along with on-site graphics and emails to use in executing the campaign. Social media and in-venue advertising can also be provided for major items and campaigns. All campaigns are tracked using Google Analytics to help determine where you can get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars.

Promotional Tools

  • Coupon Codes – Titan administrators have the ability to create coupon codes for general use. These codes can be set up for free shipping, a percent off purchase or a specific dollar amount off.
  • Free/Reduced Shipping – Free shipping can be set up for stores and offered as an incentive to buy more products.
  • Special Offer With Purchase – A gift or discounted item can be set up as a special offer when a customer places an item into the shopping cart. This type of promotion can also be set for a minimum purchase level.


Customized Store Graphics
Each store has the ability to have a customized header, background and colors for menu items. These graphics can be updated and changed out easily using our TITAN CMS. There are also ad spaces within the store to display any special sales or items that vendors would like to market.
The NeuLion E-commerce platform allows the vendor to have complete control over the online store through merchandise sales, order fulfillment, and inventory management.

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